welcome to Malawi

Chingalire Rural Homestay is the one stop place you have been looking for. It is the place to experience the modern Malawian village life in style.

Accomodation in Malawian village
Workshops for everyone in Malawian village
Ben Michael Mankhamba




Well then, stop looking – start booking!

  • Are you a town-dweller in need of a time-out of all the fuzzy-buzzy town-dwelling?
  • A tourist longing for a real-rural life experience in Malawi? A place to learn traditional cooking, to enjoy music and dances, play games and to do some agriculture?
  • A motivated professional looking for voluntary work in the field of sports, education, agriculture, music, drama, poetry visual arts etc.?
  • Are you a caring parent who likes her/his kids to experience a lifestyle they have never experienced before and get well looked after at the same time?
  • Or are you just someone looking for a place to stay and enjoy excellent Malawian cuisine?

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