The best way to get to know a culture is, to live it.

  • A spacious campsite with green grass and shady trees is waiting for you and your tent.
  • For those without own tents or who just don’t feel like sleeping outdoors, there are 4 cozy round chalets with traditional roofs designed like spider webs to choose from – each furnished with two beds covered by mosquito nets, rooms lightened by solar or paraffin lanterns or candles.
  • There are also 2 open air big chalets where you can dine, wine and collapse till morning only to be woken up by the singing birds in the trees.
  • Ladies and Gents bathrooms are situated just outside. You can choose either covered or open roof shower rooms that invite you to look into the blue sky or the shining stars.
  • A well equipped spacious kitchen for either self catering or enjoying the outstanding Malawian foods cooked by our lovely women from the village on chitetezo mbaula (energy saving stoves which they make themselves).
  • A small shop provides you with little snacks, lemonades, air time and such – everything else you should either bring from town, get at the near-by trading centre in Nsaru or, well, you will just have to live without it.

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