We do offer a wide range of activities and workshops – there is really something for everyone. The

categories below should not limit you, if you are for example an adult desiring to listen to Grandpa

Dalikeni’s folk stories, we sure will not stop you!

For families with children

  • An grandfather is ready to tell folk stories
  • Feeding free range farm animals like goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, pigeons
  • Riding ox-cart
  • Socializing with rural children who probably cannot speak English fluently
  • Making camp fires
  • Learning children’s chores
  • Playing a wide range of traditional children's games

For visitors and tourists

  • Every last Sunday of the month there is live shows artistic performances the main being the acoustic music performance by the renown veteran musician, Ben Michael Mankhamba who is also the Director of the Centre
  • Fishing at the near-by dam
  • Walking and cycling through many villages just to socialize and interact with the welcoming villagers
  • Visiting our food markets
  • Playing a wide range of traditional games like Bawo, Nsikwa & Nguli