Workshops for everyone

For professionals and community workers at heart

There are also plenty possibilities of you to get involved in the centre’s community activities such as teaching english or other subjects, facilitating sports workshops or anything you can even think of. Chingalire Rural Growth Centre is a community project that thrives on people’s involvement and commitment – so your initiative and ideas are most welcome!

  • Practical beginners Chichewa lessons enough for just simple communication
  • Cooking classes for Nsima and other Malawian dishes on chitetezo mbaula
  • Fetching water, firewood and balancing goods on head
  • Producing peanut flour with motar and pestles
  • Making fresh crunchy peanut butter
  • Gardening with hoes, planting trees
  • Making energy serving cooking stoves from clay soil
  • Dancing classes
  • Putting on a traditional women's wrapper (chitenje) around the waist